Follow Your Dream

Paris firmly remains my favourite city. This is a big call, considering the many amazing places I have been fortunate to visit since I first went overseas 12 years ago.

But there is something about France that has always drawn me in. When I was younger, I remember being fascinated by the country, learning French, and the romantic notions Paris conjured up. So when I visited in 2001 my expectations were high – yet they were exceeded – and I have always dreamt of going back. In fact, a good friend recently recounted that one of the statements I made early on in our friendship (some eight years ago) was my draw to Paris, and how one day I intended to live there.

This day has arrived.

Over the years as I have looked back upon the decisions I have made in my life; the people I have met; and the circumstances that have arisen; I have often been struck by the synchronicities that have been present. This tale is no different. Last year when I met a Parisienne girl whilst on a yoga retreat in Goa, India, I would not have thought this meeting would prove to be instrumental in obtaining a long-stay visa for France, and in enabling me to secure an apartment in the heart of Paris to live in some 12 months later!

I think that in life if things are meant to unfold, it is a matter of timing to enable them to come to fruition. And in taking action with a clear and unwavering intention.

As I sorted through photo albums before I came away, I noticed that since I first returned from the UK and Europe in 2003 I have had a framed picture of the Eiffel Tower in my home – looking at it daily, and subconsciously dreaming of the time when I would return.


Interestingly, as I packed my bags to leave Melbourne after finishing work in February, I hesitated when it came to packing this picture. Although I was yet to have my appointment at the French Consulate in Sydney to apply for the visa, I felt I no longer needed the photo as soon it would be my reality. I did not pack it. Luckily, I was right!

And so now I sit in a typically Parisian apartment in the 18th arrondissement; the dome of Sacre Coeur visible as I glance up the street just around the corner; the artists’ district of Montmatre also just a stone’s-throw away; French cafe’s and patisseries on every street corner; the smell of freshly baked baguettes wafting from the many boulangeries; the classic architecture of the buildings with the wrought-iron balustrades on the Juliet balconies……..

Paris, it’s good to be back.

I am unsure of exactly what I am seeking to find, however, I know the time is right to be here…..and that the experience is going to be a joie de vivre. And that I am following my dream.


9 thoughts on “Follow Your Dream

  1. I like Paris… but it’s not my favourite city… hard pressed to name which one is… but your post has reminded me that I would love to go back to Paris!

    • Hi Lois. There are so many amazing places to visit it can be hard to pinpoint a favourite! I think many of the great European capitals are worth a visit/re-visit, so keep Paris on your list 🙂

      • Oh definitely! I would love to go with my husband, as although we’ve been married over twenty years we have never been there together! I have been there many times, so yes, I think it is really time for a revisit!

  2. Welcome to the club! Been to that visa office in Sydney (had to fly over from Perth twice cos we lacked a small bit of paperwork)… its SO worth it. Extending is not so hard either 😉 Regards from le Sud de France 🙂

    • The interview at the Consulate was gruelling, but as you say, extremely worthwhile when the visa arrives back to you in the post! Good to know it is feasible to extend if needed…. 😉 Enjoy France!

    • Paris is a beautiful city, and you’re right, you have to ensure you make the most of these experiences. The world is a small place indeed! I love Melbourne too, hope you enjoyed your time there 🙂

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